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ITX® Shot

Non-toxic ITX® Shot


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ITX® Origianl-10

ITX® Original-10 is the premier non-toxic alternative to lead that is safe for all shotgun barrels. Heightened density (10 g/cm³) and molded in 'belly band' for increased lethality.

ITX® Extreme - Turkey Trauma-13

ITX® Extreme - Turkey Trauma-13 Shot: With a density of 13 g/cm³, it is significantly denser than lead. Lead-free and non-toxic, it's the most lethal non-toxic we've ever created.

ITX Shot

ITX® Non-Toxic Shot can return you to your favorite hunting spots using traditional projectiles - whizbang-free! ITX® is non-toxic and has similar characteristics to lead. This means ITX® can perform like lead without harming the environment, or your shotgun.

Available in five different shot sizes/weights
#6, #4, #2, BB and 00 Buck

ITX® Shot Features:

  • lead-free Lead Free & Non-toxic: ITX® Shot is constructed from materials containing no significant traces of lead or other harmful elements. Non-toxic - ITX® Shot is approved for use by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.
  • 10-13g/cm³ Density: Mimicking close-to-lead density, ITX® Shot will perform with close-to-lead trajectory, while maintaining ductility that will not harm your barrel.
  • Toughness: The ITX® Shot is tougher than lead, which results in greater penetration, while at the same time inflicting a devastating pattern for a quick kill.
  • Easy to Use: ITX® shot has density, softness and near perfect spherical formation on its' side.
  • ITX 6 ShotSoftness: Softer pellets - test it with your own pliers! Easier on barrels. More like lead than other non-toxic pellets. Independent testing on the Rockwell "C" scale shows that ITX® is significantly softer than present Tungsten-based pellets on the market. In fact, ITX® falls below the readable scale of Rockwell "C" (the baseline average of this scale is 27.0). Like lead and bismuth, ITX® does not register above 27.0 on this scale of hardness. Other tungsten-based pellets register 29.1 and 31.7 on the Rockwell "C" scale. ITX® is soft enough to crush with a pair of pliers.
  • Lethal: Each individual pellet is precisely formed into a lethal spherical projectile with a 'belly band' that enhances lethal wound channels. ITX® Shot provides lethal penetration due to pellet integrity and improved cast pellet design.
  • High Density - denser than steel (similar to bismuth shot) for down-range energy and knock-down power far superior to steel shot and numerous other non-toxic materials. *
  • Stronger - unlike bismuth, ITX® won't break up or fracture during the forces of ignition setback.
  • Tighter Patterns - and more compact shot clouds - Each pellet is cast in order to be uniform in weight and dimensions. This consistency translates into uniformly lethal down range patterns. Ballistic Products Inc. load data will be buffered with our new ITX® Buffer Blend to achieve maximum pattern density.
  • Affordable - ITX® is specifically engineered to save you money on your hunting loads while providing superior ballistic performance. This is the first non-toxic pellet to perfectly balance cost vs. performance.